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Meg’s Nutrition Principles

Meg’s 5 Nutrition Principles

  1. Health-Centered: a non diet, balanced approach focusing on nourishment and wellness.
  2. Positive Nourishment: encouraging and nurturing a healthy relationship with food.
  3. Mindful eating: bringing awareness to the plate.
  4. Beyond Food: considering when, where and why we eat, in addition to what we eat.
  5. Enjoyment: Keeping the FUN in food and pleasure in healthy eating.
Nutrition Services

Nutrition Coaching Service Options

*Nutrition consultations are available to individuals, couples and families.

**Currently, all consultations are being held via zoom or by phone

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Meg will offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer your questions and determine which option may best accommodate your specific health needs and wellness goals.

Introductory Nutrition Consultation (1 Hour)

  • General review of diet, health and lifestyle history
  • Clarify nutrition, health and wellness goals
  • Guidance and direction provided

Investment = $150

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation (1.5 Hours)

  • Identify nutrition, health and wellness goals
  • Review diet, health and lifestyle history
  • Evaluate current diet, food and nutrient intake
  • Receive nutritional assessment summary

Investment = $250

Essential Nutrition Package

a) Includes Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation plus Wellness Plan including diet, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Package also includes healthy eating strategies and educational resources.

b) 1 hour follow-up consultation (1 week after initial consultation)

– Review summary and wellness plan
– Focus on implementing recommendations and strategies into meal plan and lifestyle
– Review food journal (optional)

c) 30 minute consultation (1-2 months after follow-up)

– Acknowledge progress and successes
– Address challenges and provide support
– Evaluate goals and determine next steps

Investment = $450
*estimated 3 months to complete package

Nutrition Coaching

Supplemental Coaching Services And Fees

Provides ongoing support, education and guidance as you work towards your personal wellness goals. Offered via zoom, phone or email support.

  • Review food journal and provide recommendations
  • Collaborative meal and snack planning
  • Provide healthy baking/cooking ideas and strategies
  • Collaborative recipe modifications and ingredient substitutions
  • Offer healthy shopping and label reading tips
  • Share mindful eating practices
  • Provide alternative coping strategies to help manage emotional eating.

Follow up Nutrition Coaching Consultations

Investment = $120/hr or $65/half hour.

Custom Designed Menu By Meg

1 week meal plan: Includes 3 balanced meals and 2 snacks per day. Select recipes as needed.

Investment = $150

1 week meal plan: Includes 3 balanced meals and 2 snacks per day. With shopping list and select recipes.

Investment = $200

“Nourishment is not just nutrition. Nourishment is the nutrients in the food, the taste, the aroma, the ambiance in the room, the conversation at the table, the love and inspiration in the cooking, and the joy of the entire eating experience.”

– Marc David